About Us

In 2000 the Seattle law firm, Preston Gates & Ellis was charged with the task of managing a warehouse-worth of documents as part of a federal government antitrust investigation of Microsoft. It was brothers Dan and Bill Gallivan, then employees of the firm, who set about finding a technical solution that could sort through the thousands of documents and locate the information required for the case. When they succeeded, they realized that eDiscovery as an industry held great potential and demand was about to grow exponentially.

Support First: During the early 2000’s, Digital WarRoom was delivered as a managed service.  Our team of software developers and consultants grew up servicing, supporting and operating tools for our clients.  The digital WarRoom Plus support team is the most experienced in the industry.  Our feature rich software design reflects over 400 years of experience.

Software for any Legal Professional: In 2010, we launched the Digital WarRoom software platform as a Private Cloud® hosted service and a standalone PRO® software. Digital WarRoom software is a powerful, all-in-one eDiscovery solution aimed at making the process easy to use and more affordable for lawyers representing all size matters. For the first time, this made eDiscovery possible for everyone.

Training is Included with Every Digital WarRoom Purchase: Digital War Room Private Cloud subscribers receive a month of included training and professional services, and a Project manager to assist with ongoing training needs. Digital WarRoom Pro software customers receive 2 hours of installation support and application training.  Most users find it quickest to “train themselves” with our up to date online user guide